Scrumptious Custom Swirls at… U-SWIRL Frozen Yogurt!

Students at J’s school received a “free 16oz u-swirl” coupon… so, we decided to check it out!  Besides, how do you pass up FREEBIES?!!

So… what’s “u-swirl?” you ask? It’s a fun, frozen yogurt place offering up to 20 flavors and over 60 absolutely yummy toppings! Grab a cup, choose whatever fro-yo flavors you want, add your toppings, stick it on a scale, and pay by the ounce!

May 18th: U-Swirl Flamingo & Ft. Apache

9360 W. Flamingo Road / Las Vegas, NV 89147 / Phone: 702-982-2700

Hours of Operation: 11am to 11pm Sun- Thu; 11am to Midnight Fri-Sat

Brand new location…

Fro-Yo flavors: cake batter, new york cheesecake, and strawberry
Toppings: cheesecake, mochi, chocolate chips, and yogurt chips :)

… and this is just the beginning!
Keep reading for more deliciousness…

Mango flavored water…
but, good Lord, it cost me $1 for this teeny little thing….

Poor thing… as he was taking his first bite, I tell him,
“FREEZE! Lemme take a picture!!”

J with his friend & classmate, E, being goofy!
Behind them are the yogurt machines…
I think this location has 20+ different flavors… all… sooooo… yummmmmy.

Taking a break from the silliness
to enjoy more of the sweet, cold, stuff  😛

… and back to taking more pictures!!
(courtesy of E’s mom, and my super-duper amiga, Lani!!)

Another view of the fro-yo shop!

May 29th: U-Swirl 215 & No. Decatur

6592 N. Decatur Blvd #100 & 105 / Las Vegas, NV 89131 / Phone: 702-629-7960

Hours of Operation: 11am to 11pm Sun- Thu; 11am to Midnight Fri-Sat

Yep, we went there later in the day… if I recall correctly, after 10pm!!

< carmen’s tip >bring your own water… a 12oz flavored water cost me about $1… (scroll up to check out the cute thing of fruity water) < / tip >

May 30th: Back at U-Swirl Flamingo & Ft. Apache

J with buddies E & S…
away from the mommies… but, not too far away :)

Fro-Yo flavors: new york cheesecake & strawberry (flavors i’m currently addicted to)

Toppings: cheesecake, mochi, chocolate chips, yogurt chips, kit-kat bits, crushed almonds, and brownie squares (bonk me on the head if you ever hear me complain about needing to lose weight… lol)

Featured: U-SWIRL

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